What Is Concealer

What Is Concealer

What is concealer?

A concealer is a type of cosmetic used to cover dark circles, large pores, blemishes or age spots.It is kind of similar to foundation but thicker. Concealer can be bought in different shades. When choosing a concealer, most pick one that is one or two shades lighter to help cover up their blemishes.

What you can use concealer for

  1. Cover up under eye circles
  2. Conceal redness around the nose
  3. Shape eyebrows
  4. Hide acne break outs
  5. Eye shadow primer
  6. Conceal lips
  7. Cover up scars
  8. To highlight areas
  9. To shape face


Concealer mistakes to avoid

Using the same concealer for pimples and dark circles.

So basically, the way you use a concealer to cover up a pimple is different from covering up dark circles. For best coverage, use one concealer for pimples and another for dark circles. For dark circles, use a delicate and thin concealer and for pimples use a spot concealer that stays put.

Putting concealer at the wrong time

You should always apply foundation first, even though its thin layer. This helps to have a more natural finish when you’re done.

Counting on your fingers alone

Yeah! Your fingers come in handy all the time, and using them for concealer can be just fine. However, you should know that using a beauty blender is where all the magic happens. So, you should use a blender because it can also get rid of excess concealer which would turn cakey later on.

Forgetting to set your concealer with powder

If you want your makeup to look good, make sure to set the concealer with powder. Even the best concealers need a final powder touch.


How to apply concealer

Prep skin

Before you apply any concealer, start with a clean face. Wash your face, exfoliate, moisturize and apply sun screen to start off. This helps to even out skin tone and ensure a flawless finish.

Apply the other makeup

To make sure your makeup stays on all day, you should start with a primer then foundation before concealer. In doing this you are giving your skin a smooth and blended base to start with.

Apply under eyes

Rather than just putting it under your eyes, apply it in a small inverted triangle. This will help you highlight and brighten the area under your eyes. Dab and blend the area with a blender until it looks good.

Spot apply on blemishes

Apply the concealer on the spots or blemishes and blend in until they are no longer visible. If you are trying to cover up redness, use a green concealer which cancels it out.

Set with powder

Setting powder helps your keep the concealer from creasing. Once you’re done setting the powder, finish with setting spray to lock in the concealer.

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