Types of Eyeliner Explained

Types of Eyeliner Explained



Every time you think you have learnt all there is about eyeliners? A new eyeliner suddenly launched. You must be wondering what is liquid eyeliner? Or how do you apply gel eyeliner? That’s why we are here to help you answer those questions. Below are the different types of eyeliners and their pros and cons.

Pencil eyeliner

This is the most used eyeliner. Did you grow up using kajal? I think it’s about time to upgrade to pencil eyeliner. Pencil eyeliners are so easy to use and master – also for beginners. They are creamy and can easily glide onto your waterline. Some pencil eyeliners look exactly like pencils and others you just twist and pop it out.

Sadly for the pencil eyeliners you have to sharpen them every time you want to make sharp lines. However, when you compare to their longevity sharpening shouldn’t be a big deal.

Liquid eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is perfect for making dramatic looks. It helps you make amazingly defined thinner lines which are so precise.

For people who like doing different looks e.g. the graphic eyeliner, winged eyeliner, cat eyes or Egyptian eyes – liquid eyeliner is usually their first choice. However, they can be a little tricky to learn, you need to practice more to be able to create delicate strokes. This eyeliners dries very quickly, so don’t use it if you want a smoky look with smudged eyeliner finish. They are available in glossy and matte, so choose wisely depending on the overall makeup look you want.

Pen eyeliner

Want the look of liquid eyeliner but in an easier way? You’re looking for the sketch pen eyeliner. The tip of the pen eyeliner helps you draw precise lines. Even for beginners, it won’t be hard to learn but actually the complete opposite. Tip eyeliners are usually smear and smudge proof formula which ensure smooth application.

Gel eyeliner

These are available in small pots with side angled brushes. Gel eyeliners might be a little intimidating the first time you see them however are literally the best once you learn how to use them properly. They will be your best friend – not only are they for defining the lash line but can also be used to apply all over the eyelid as eye-shadow base. They can also be smudged on the side of the eye to create the smoky eye look.

Gel eyeliners are waterproof and budge proof. With the thickness and angle of the brush, you can be able to create different looks. If you want soft lines which aren’t as precise as liquid eyeliner lines the gel eyeliner is the best choice. However, just like liquid eyeliner, gel eyeliners also require you to be steady and practice a lot before creating complicated looks.Also note that gel eyeliner dry very quickly so shut the lid tight after using.

Eye-shadow as eyeliner

This is not a type of eyeliner but instead an eyeliner hack. Using eye-shadow as eyeliner is the easiest way to make smudged and soft lines. Using colored eye-shadow as eyeliner can also be cute. So basically, just pick out any color you like and dip your angled brush into it and draw a line on the lash line. There you go! You have a colored eyeliner look without eyeliner. The cons of using eye-shadow as eyeliner is that it fades and smudges so easily.

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