Setting Powder

Setting Powder

Setting powder

I literally cannot stress how game changing setting powder can be – especially if you have oily skin. I suggest you don’t apply it all over the face, but on places like the under eyes and on the sides of the nose and forehead.

Setting your makeup means keeping your makeup so flawless for so long. It is the final tool missing when doing makeup.

Difference between setting spray and setting powder

So basically powders are used to seal products like foundation and concealer. However, setting sprays can be used to lock down everything when the entire look is done.

Setting spray is a mist used to stick on to your makeup to make it stay on long. You can also use it to refresh your makeup throughout the day. If you’re a little scared to spray your face with something, you can go for setting powder instead – most especially for oily skin.

Setting powder is loose powder with ingredients like silica and talc which keep wet products like foundation in place.

Tips on applying setting powders/sprays

When setting your makeup opt to use loose powder and apply with a small brush, it helps you control where it is going or how much. Apply the powder in an upside down V shape, focus on the chin, mouth and corners of the nose. If you have scars, apply it by pressing to smoothen rough skin and blemishes.

Difference between setting and baking powder

The word baking came from dessert made at home. However, in makeup it is a way of setting your makeup. Baking is when you use an extra amount of powder that builds up on your skin and can be seen. Your body heat allows the foundation to bond with the powder. In about 30 minutes you can dust it off. However, it takes longer to bake so reserve it for special events and set it normally for normal days.

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