Mascara Makeup

Mascara Makeup


What does mascara do? It can be used to lengthen, add volume and curl your lashes. Every time you wear mascara your eyes are the ones which do the talking. There is no make-up look that can be complete without “the mascara!” With a few swipes of your favourite mascara your eyes will never look the same. Mascara literally gives you a natural lash lift and makes those pretty eyes noticeable. However, just like any other makeup the way you apply the mascara will play a role in the final look. Below is a few hacks on how you can get the lash look of your dreams.

Mascara hacks for perfect lashes.

  1. Find the right mascara

You might have pretty thick lashes but lack the length you want. Or have long lashes that fall down instead of curling upwards. So make sure to first find out what you want.

  • Volumizing mascara

A voluminizing mascara adds a dramatic kind of volume to lashes.

  • Lengthening mascara

This type of mascara should be able to give your lashes a natural lash lift

  • Curling mascara

This one curls your lashes from the bottom to the top of the lashes – giving you thick and curly lash glam.

  1. Mix mascaras to get the look you want

Why should you use one mascara when you can use two or more? Mix and combine them. For example, you can use a lengthening mascara then a curling one and voluminizing one last. Then you got yourself long, curly and thick lashes.

  1. Look down when applying

When you’re applying your mascara look down instead of straight. So look down to avoid getting mascara streaks on your eyelids, until it dries completely. With this you can also avoid having to ruin your eye-shadow and reapplying it.

  1. Wiggle wand before using

Instead of applying straight up, wiggle the mascara wand and apply it in a zig-zag motion. When you work your way through these lashes like that you ensure they are all completely coated making them look thicker.

  1. Don’t forget your lower lashes

Your lashes can appear doll like and wider by applying more on the lower lashes as well.

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