Using highlighter can boost your bone structure and give you a perfect color enhancement. It only takes a few seconds because it’s applied on small areas of the face. Just a little dab here and there can brighten your face instantly. You might be new to makeup but it is easy.

How to use a highlighter

Highlighting can be a little tricky. If you put too much you get unnatural look. Below is some tips on the perfect highlighting technique.

How to highlight

Prep your skin

What’s the point of highlighting? This is so your skin can look healthy and glow – making it look like you drank your 8 glasses of water. So in order to have healthy skin you should prep your skin well. Don’t worry, it’s very simple and doesn’t take long. Wash your face, apply a toner, then a moisturizer. The next put on some primer and move on to the next step.


It’s not necessary to wear foundation so you can use a highlighter, but if you want some coverage, apply some of it after the primer. If you want your skin to glow-glow add some oil into your foundation, mix it and apply it.

Choose the right highlighter

Now your base is already set! It is time for the fun part – choosing the highlighter. You have to choose the right shade with the level of shimmer that will suit you. There is creamy highlighter and powder highlighter.  A creamy one works so well on dry skin – this can be applied before or after foundation. A powder one is better for oily skin types and should be applied as the last step.

Highlighter applicator

Choosing the correct applicator will depend on the type of highlighter, how much you want to apply and where you are putting it. Cream highlighters can be applied with fingers while powder highlighters can be applied with a brush.

For a light coverage, use a fan brush. A fan brush is a thin brush with distributed bristles. When applying highlighter on places like nose, lips and eyes you should use a pencil brush for precise placement.

How to highlight

Highlighting is the opposite of contouring. The goal is to make the high points on your face to stand out. For example the areas like, the nose bridge, brow bones, cupids bow etc. You should avoid highlighting your T zone, so it doesn’t shine a lot, since it’s already oily.

For the larger areas like the cheekbones, use your brush and sweep your highlighter over the skin. If you want to use a sponge, dampen it with setting spray then press the highlighter onto the skin.


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